Infographic Digest: 26 April 2013

Greetings everyone!

This week it’s back to a subject specific smorgasbord of useful/interesting infographics…

  • Education/Teaching/Guidance: Education and Training for Careers of the Future takes a snapshot of Australia in 2012 and looks forward to 1017 for projected shortfalls in the employment market. Teacher Needs Around the World from UNESCO is an interactive that details the demand for teaching posts vs shortfall due to attrition by 2015. Classroom Technology presents a nice overview of attitudes towards edtech and current trends in edtech. How to Save Our Educators examines the teacher turnover in the US and suggests a couple of solutions (what do you think?)
  • Maths: is it an infographic or an app? Probably an app but Prime Explorer 4.0 is certainly an interesting site to play around with. Use it to explore prime numbers, quadrilaterals, prime number theory, or just site back and watch the cool patterns.
  • Religion/Judaism: J-Dar from the Toronto Jewish Film Festival is again part infographic part interactive app. Enter a film title and find out its relationship to judaism (not to mention is Gentile to Jew percentage). There are quizzes too!  The Rules of Sukkah is a fun Dr. Seuss style exploration by Rabbi Arthur Gould.
  • Astronomy/Physics: Kepler’s Tally of Planet’s from the NY Times is a nifty interactive infographic exploring the planets discovered orbiting distant stars by NASA’s Kepler mission.
  • Health/Nutrition: Way back in the 30s and 40s my family were in the bottling business – Murray’s Orange Soda being the big seller – so this one kind of struck home: What Soda Does to Your Teeth. It’s pretty scary. Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and America looks at the prevalence, effects, and symptoms.
  • Automotive/Driver’s Ed: Here’s a useful UK infographic (from TW White) on How to Park. It also uses the term “prang”. Cool!
  • Biology/Environment: From the CBC’s The Nature of Things comes Wolves vs Buffalo.
  • English/Journalism/Human Rights: Safe to Speak discloses information on violence/censorhip directed towards journalists world wide.
  • Phys Ed: Here’s one that ideal for a student project. Pick your sport, pick your team, do a little research, cut and paste: Top 10 Draft Picks of the Detroit Lions
  • Music: How Music Effects Your Brain, a quick graphic on why we like music.
  • Civics/Current Events: Intro to the United Nations takes you through a flow chart linking the major UN arms and their hierarchy.
And now for a couple of parting shots apropos of nothing… Here’s one for all you coffee lovers: What’s in Your Coffee? I’ve given you guys a few wine/food pairing graphics in the past. Here’s a unique twist on that theme: Sushi/Sake Pairings. Last but by no means least, here’s my absolute favourite infographic this week: 8 New Punctuation Marks We Really Need!

Well, that’s it. I’ll be back in a bit with the special edition on things carpentry/construction related. Please, share these infographics with your students, colleagues, and family. I hope you find them useful, and/or thought provoking.

‘Til next week, peace and love