Greetings! I’m Paul Murray aka komox37, an educator, consultant, presenter, and Professional Development provider specializing in the integration of technology and the use of Web 2.0 in the classroom.

I publish Web 2.0 WeeklyInfographic Digest, and more ocassionally The Rockpile.

Many Pebbles, One Pond started as the archive for my weekly newsletter: Web 2.0 Weekly. Distributed directly through email, Web 2.0 Weekly has a subscription of over 200 education workers in Ontario and Quebec. Increasingly, I have been focusing on this blog as my primary vehicle for evangelizing web resources so not all posts now make it into the newsletter. Primarily focused on K-12 education, this blog also contains applications and resources for business, museums, and individuals interested in making their lives and careers more efficient, interesting, and yup… fun!

Similarly, in Infografical: Stepping Stones I focus on the examination of infographics as a way students and teachers can reframe, and reconceptualize data in the classroom.

The Rockpile: my thoughts on the progress and conduct of contemporary education.

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