Thing #2a: Further reading on the Teacher-Led Schools

Today I discovered some articles  addressing the idea and practice of Teacher-led schools. For further reading check out:

It would appear that I’m behind the times (not a familiar position for me). Apparently, its a growing movement in the States. Given that in education, the US is the dog that wags Canada’s tail, can we look forward to the advent of teacher-led schools in the near furture?

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  1. Some resources for you and your readers:

    Education|Evolving is creating a Web community supporting teachers who are, or are interested in, collaboratively making the decisions for whole school success. It is called Teachers in Partnership, and can be found here (there will be changes in the next several weeks, but you’ll get the idea).

    I also just co-authored a book called Trusting Teachers with School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots. Read all about it here:

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