Edition 60 – Shakespeare, Environment, and Bingo

addition to the edtech archive
Interactive Map of Shakespeare's London
Greetings! Here are a few recent additions to my Edtech Archive, a collection of over 8000 free, online educational resources. This edition focuses on Shakespearean London, educational webcams around the world, and… bingo.
  • video, live cams, geography, culture:  Live Network of Webcams and Streaming Video
    addition to the edtech archive
    EarthCam Network: scores of live web cams for educational content

     Cameras – EarthCam – Through EarthCam’s live webcams you can experience the hustle and bustle of Times Square, see the famous Abbey Road crossing in London, enjoy a beautiful sunset over the historic Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, hang out with a nest of falcon chicks in Omaha. There are dozens of web cams to choose from focused on topics from culture to science.

  • bingo, incebreaker, teaching, resources: Bingo Card Generator – need a few bingo cards for that icebreaker your planning? Then this is the site for you.
  • Shakespeare, literature, London, interactive, map, geography: The Agas Map – Interactive map of
    addition to the edtech archive
    Interactive Map of Shakespeare’s London

    Shakespeare’s London affords you the ability to explore the geography of London in the Elizabethan Age. You can sort through the map identifying churches, gates to the city, markets, parishes, playhouses, and more. Brought to us by the University of Victoria’s Humanities Computing Centre, there is even a handing section on how to use the site for teaching purposes.

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